Diversity Dance Studio is a Dance Class Academy in Flower Mound, TX

Welcome to Diversity Dance Studio, a dance and performing arts company located in Flower Mound, TX. Although we are a dance studio that focuses on developing students for competitions, we do provide a variety of dance classes for children of all ages and skill levels for recreation. The dance style lessons we offer include ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, tap dancing, drill team dance, toddler dance, and musical theater lessons. Our dance classes are smaller than the norm because we want our students to be able to get more of a hands-on approach to learning. If you're looking for more of a one-on-one approach to dancing, we do offer private dance lessons with your preferred instructor.

Our locally owned and operated company is comprised of highly-skilled instructors who collectively have over 70 years of dance experience and have won numerous awards throughout their career. They've come together to teach students at Diversity Dance Studio the techniques, styles, and intricacies of dancing. They'll not only act as an instructor but also a mentor who will help dancers thrive in all aspects of their life.

Young children of all skill levels are encouraged to join our dance studio. If you are interested in becoming a part of our dance classes or would like to learn more about what we can do for you, go ahead and contact Diversity Dance Studio today for more information.

What Makes Us Proud
  • Highly-Skilled Instructors
  • Numerous Awards from Dance Competitions
  • Over 70 Years of Combined Dance Experience
Locations Served
  • Flower Mound, TX
  • Surrounding Areas